Sunday, July 22, 2012

Am I now THAT old church lady?

Today I had a moment of panic.  I may have started down the path to becoming the little old church lady! Okay, so I am neither "little" or "old", but there was a scary moment.  Our pastor's daughter was up on the stage singing and she is gorgeous and beyond talented! However, I leaned over to my sister and said "Isn't she like 5 years old?" To which Rebecca said...Yes!
When the Speer family first came to our church Emily was a baby!  It may be an old church lady cliche, but I actually did change her diaper in the nursery.  Wow! Luckily no cheeks were pinched during this self revelation and I have not started carrying around a brown bag of butterscotch and peppermints to give to the "young folk!" But who can really say what might happen next Sunday?
Jonathan and I have now been together for more than half my life, I have three kids and a mortgage.  Why not slide gently into my role as THAT old church lady? I have been a member of FBC RH for 29+ years.  I think I am definitely on the road to qualifying! 

Starting a Blog

Okay, so...Kim made this sound like a fun and easy way to chronicle life for your family and friends.  Let me start by saying that she was wrong.  First of all, choosing a name for the darned blog could be likened to loosing your religion.  Who are all these people who came before me in a bleary eyed state at midnight trying to come up with an inspired title?  Bloggity Blog? Taken.  Goodman Party of 5? Taken. Stop Look Listen? Taken.  Am I leading parallel lives with these people?  I will probably follow these blogs if I can ever figure out how to complete this first post.  For now I think I will take something for my nerves and lay down.  Tomorrow I will begin inspiring greatness and changing the world with my blog.  At the very least, I will try and figure out how to invite Kim to follow my blog.  I know she will have such a feeling of accomplishment at duping me into this.
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