Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The D.A.M.N Cat Story

A few weeks back I thrilled my Facebook friends with a riveting "Tail" of "Catastrophic" proportions...Since my recent blogging hiatus, I figured I would go ahead and drag out some of the funnies from weeks past that I would have blogged about if my brain had been functioning on more than 53%.  Yeah, Yeah... I am 28 and I forgot I started a blog.... I have three kids and a husband using up my brain waves as fast as they leave the factory. A.D.D Alert.  Back to the Cat story... Here it is:

I find that it is best not to let Jonathan commit to golf tournaments for work or charity. It always ends with him "tired" and me on the verge of murder. Especially today since he "snuck out quietly" at 6:30 trying not to wake the kids thus not properly shutting the baby gate or front door. Around 6:45 I was woken by a cat on my bed. I don't own a cat. Have you ever tried to catch a cat? So 20 minutes later I was dragging a laundry basket upside down over an angry cat through the house and all I could do was toss it down the stairs. Then all the kids were up and it was still too early to talk to other humans or cats for that matter...Then the dishwasher broke. Jonathan is still not home and clearly doesn't know I am willing to kill him. All this to say that I am not feeling very charitable.

You are all very welcome for the chuckle.  I only wish I could have bottled the sound of that cat as it flew down those 21 steps, landed on its feet and hauled literal tail out of my wide open front door. Good night, and be on the look out for this guy...He was slightly ticked as he made his get away and is considered hostile, possibly nursing 4 broken legs. Frankly, he only has a couple of lives left and he has nothing to lose. 


  1. Lynz, hate to break it to you but we are 29.

  2. Ouch. That stings Beck. SEE, it is worse than I thought.


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