Tuesday, August 21, 2012

True Confession

True confession time.  I. forgot. I. had. a. blog.   Wow.  Two mind blowing entries and I am sure that Kimberly was hanging on the edge of her seat with anticipation.  Surely she was let down.  Not surprised, but let down none the less.  Well, I am back.   After all, it is near midnight and what else do I have to occupy this witching hour?  
Well, since I last checked in there have been so many blog worthy events.  My baby started Kindergarten.  Sarah Lynn is such a studious little Kindergartner.  She loves to learn and she loves her new found friends and freedom from her little brothers.   As she left on that first morning she told the boys "Now, try and behave for Nanna.  Sissy will be back in just a little bit."  I am fairly certain she is a 40 year old trapped in a 5 year old's body.  So mature, so Sassy and so Sweet.  I know that her current and future teachers will be as blessed by her as I am every day.   I don't know why God picked me to be her Mom, but I do not deserve her.  Please see the picture below, feel free to leave many glowing compliments of her cuteness.
After all the tears and hugs, I pulled it together and let her walk away.  She didn't look back.  I made Jonathan take me out to breakfast to console me.  It was a sad, sad, sad day for this Momma.  She had a great first day and she has been loving school life ever since.  I feel certain that her enthusiasm for education may dwindle in the coming years, but for now we are embracing her excitement.   Remind me to post pictures of the super awesome "first project" we had to turn in.  I may or may not have gone slightly over the top by sitting up until 2 AM cutting out pictures and gluing and BEDAZZLING that bad boy.  Oh yeah, it was a definite A+.  Okay, they don't grade projects in Kindergarten...BUT, if they did...I would have gotten an A+ (Of course, I mean Sarah would have gotten an A+...)  Please pray for me that I will survive my second round of primary education and will not make my child as crazy as her mother.   PRAY HARD. 

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